Can Yaman and Diletta, after the rumors of crisis caught together on a boat: 'Hot summer'.

Can Yaman and Diletta, after the rumors of crisis caught together on a boat: 'Hot summer'.

The summer of love between Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta continues. The two protagonists of the Gossip of these months, continue to be constantly at the center of media attention, after that during the last few days it is back to talk about a crisis between the two lovers and even a final breakup. A version of the facts that the two have never confirmed on social networks and, in these hours, have been published new shots of Can and Diletta together, during a day of love together on a boat.

The protagonists of the gossip Can-Diletta paparazzi together again
In detail, the latest gossip about the couple Can-Diletta comes from the pages of the weekly 'Di Più', which this week have been photographed the two in love together again.

The photos come at a distance of days from the rumors related to a crisis between the two, fueled by the fact that they had disappeared from social media and that for several days now they did not post more stories, photos, and videos of their vacations.

Can and Diletta, however, have been photographed together again in a series of shots that for the weekly magazine would testify to a 'hot summer' for the two lovers.

In fact, the photos show that there is a great feeling between the two: there is even a tender kiss that Diletta gives to her boyfriend.

The mystery about the couple Can-Diletta: is it a crisis or not?
In short, it would seem that the mystery around the couple of the moment is getting increasingly thick, to the point that many fans wonder what is the reality of the facts.

Until now, however, Can and Diletta have never said a word about the rumors circulating on their account, even less on the one related to the crisis and the breakup of these days.

The two continue to do their lives and post their content on social networks, without giving way to these rumors about them. What is not missing, however, are the likes that they exchange to the various posts published on Instagram.

Bad news for the Sandokan project with Can Yaman: filming is frozen
During the next few weeks, we will see if the two lovers will clarify what happened and if they will decide to talk openly about what is happening in their relationship.

In the meantime, in these hours we are back to talk about the television project of Sandokan, which would involve the Turkish actor already protagonist of several successful dramas.

It would seem that, at the moment, the project has been frozen: the filming, scheduled for this summer, has never started and it is not known when it will officially begin. Project postponed or trashed? We will find out in the next weeks.

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