Can Yaman and Diletta, backstory: he would never have been seen in his girlfriend's house

Can Yaman and Diletta, backstory: he would never have been seen in his girlfriend's house

The backstory on the couple Can Yaman - Diletta Leotta
In detail, a new backstory on the couple Can Yaman - Diletta Leotta has been reported by Deianira Marzano, who has published a report on social networks regarding the cleaning woman who worked at the house of the sports presenter, the symbol of Dazn.

Basically, the person who writes to Marzano, claims to have known the woman who served in Diletta's house and, despite the rumors of these months, it seems that she has never seen Can Yaman in the house.

"She's a big mess and Can was never seen," the reporting person points out, revealing this backstory about the couple of the moment.

The two-spotted separated and it's back to talk about the breakup
It would seem, therefore, that during the trips to Milan, the Turkish actor would not have stayed at his girlfriend's house, although they were already engaged.

In addition, in these hours, have also emerged reports on the vacation apart that the two are doing in these days.

Can Yaman has been spotted in Puglia, allowing himself also to several shots with fans while Diletta Leotta has been caught in Sardinia with her friends.

Both in the company of friends, happy and smiling.

In short, months after the birth of this love story, the mystery continues to hover and doubts are never lacking.

Doubts about the couple Can-Diletta but they remain silent
What makes us curious is the position of the couple Can-Diletta who, despite the various allegations and the constant rumors that circulate about them, prefer not to reply and never expose themselves.

The two, on social media, continue to carry on their summer and their lives, heedless of what is written and said about them. Sooner or later they will decide to break the wall of silence to shed light on what is happening and on these breakup rumors?

The couple's fan base on social media is hoping to find out from the two people involved, how the situation is evolving and their love affair.

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