Can Yaman and Diletta have already broken up? The indiscretion of Rosica: 'They have said goodbye'.

Can Yaman and Diletta have already broken up? The indiscretion of Rosica: 'They have said goodbye'.

The love story between Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta continues to be at the center of media attention and Gossip of the moment. The two of them have not been appearing together on social networks for a few days now (as was the case until a few weeks ago) and many have wondered what happened to them. To launch the new indiscretion on the couple Can-Diletta we thought the gossip expert Alessandro Rosica, who on social media has revealed that the love story between the two would already be over.

The social silence and the distance between Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta
In detail, Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta, after having kept their fans constantly updated about their movements during their stay in Turkey, lost track of them from a social point of view.

The Turkish actor, in recent hours, has posted stories in which he showed to have undergone the vaccination against Covid-19 while the sportswoman, has posted shots on her profile in which she appears in the company of a friend in Sardinia, the new destination chosen by Diletta to continue her summer vacations.

What is the reality of the facts about the couple Can-Diletta at this point? Is it possible that the two are in crisis or even that they have already broken up?

Rosica's indiscretion on the couple Can-Diletta: 'It's over.
The gossip expert Alessandro Rosica, who published a series of stories on his social profile in which he revealed to the fans of the couple that the love story would come to an end.

"Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta have broken up. It's over," said Rosica as he launched his sensational backstory on the account of the two stars of summer 2021.*

The news immediately went around the social networks among the many fans of the Turkish actor who, in recent years, has bewitched the Italian public (and not only) with several successful TV series including DayDreamer and Mr. Wrong.

Can Yaman and Diletta's 'answer' awaits after rumors about the goodbye
Up to this moment, both Can and his girlfriend have not yet said a word on social networks about what is happening and about this backstory revealed by Alessandro Rosica.

The two, as they have done in the past, prefer to keep a certain reserve and do not unbalance on social media about the evolution of this love story that continues to hold the bench in the newspapers and on social media.

Will the truth come out sooner rather than later? Will Can and Diletta break the silence during the day to update fans, even if only with an Instagram story, on how their relationship is progressing? We'll find out in the coming hours.

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