Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta, harsh attack on social media:"They closed the big deal in a good way,"

Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta, harsh attack on social media:"They closed the big deal in a good way,"

Can Yaman and his girlfriend Diletta Leotta continue to be at the center of the media attention of the moment. The two continue to fill the front pages of various gossip magazines with news related to their relationship but, even on social media, the two lovers continue to hold the bench. And it is precisely from Instagram, which comes to the umpteenth attack against Can and Diletta, by the gossip expert Alessandro Rosica. On his social profile, in fact, he let himself open to some background information on the couple, revealing that the two would be carrying out their "farce".

The backstage on the couple of the moment Can-Diletta
In detail, since the first moment when this love story between Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta came out, Alessandro Rosica raised doubts about the two lovers.

The gossip expert has never believed in the truthfulness of this relationship and, even in the last post on social networks, he revealed that in the light of how things are evolving, both Can and Diletta would come out winners from this situation, since both would have gained economically.

In particular, Rosica claims that Can Yaman and his girlfriend Diletta Leotta would have taken advantage of this love story to increase their market value even more.

There is talk of million agreements for Can Yaman and his girlfriend
According to the gossip expert, the Turkish actor who in this period is also on air on Canale 5 with the TV series Mr. Wrong, would have concluded millionaire agreements, in addition to the launch of his first line of perfumes that in these days he is sponsoring a lot on social networks.

And then again, always according to Rosica, Can would be making her way more and more within the Italian television, where she could aspire as soon as possible to have new spaces.

"Diletta has tripled the market value, so contracts, sponsors. I would say that these two, also thanks to whoever is behind it, have closed the big deal in a good way," Rosica continued, emphasizing the fact that both would come out winners from this situation.

'Fake story,' Rosica rants against Can and Diletta Leotta
"Now that they finally got everything they were aiming for, what's next? All that remains is to finish this fake story, not right away, otherwise, they would have done everything for nothing. We have to wait again," Rosica pointed out in his new harsh social outburst against the Can-Diletta couple.

But what is the reality of the facts at this point? Is the love story between the two protagonists of the gossip of the moment really destined to end sooner than expected or not? We will find out in the coming weeks.

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