Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta, separate vacations and there is talk of a breakup: 'She is free and happy'

Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta, separate vacations and there is talk of a breakup: 'She is free and happy'

There is no peace for the couple composed by Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta who continue to be at the center of the Gossip of this summer 2021. In these last days, there is a lot of talk about them as it is assumed that their relationship has already reached the end of the line and therefore they would have said goodbye for good. The reason is due in part to the fact that the two, in these days, are spending their vacations separately and in two completely different destinations, as evidenced by the various reports of fans who have caught them on the street.

Vacations apart for Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta
In detail, Diletta Leotta in these days has been caught around between Sicily and Sardinia in the company of a group of friends.

As reported by Deianira, the sports anchorwoman was seen by some fans riding a bike in Aci Castello, and she appeared super helpful to everyone.

Later, then, appeared another report reported by Alessandro Rosica, of Diletta Leotta caught in Sardinia while taking a picture with another fan.

"Diletta in Sardinia. Carefree vacation, totally free and happy they tell me. Super available with everyone," wrote Rosica on social media.

The same situation is also for Can Yaman who, in these days, has allowed himself a period of relaxation in Puglia, precisely in Otranto.

The reports on the couple Can-Diletta
Even the Turkish star who has made Italian fans go crazy with a series of very successful dramas has indulged in quite a few photos with fans, appearing happy and smiling.

In short, Can and Diletta are not taking vacations together as was the case until a few weeks ago. The two seem to have taken two different paths and the fact that they are separated has not gone unnoticed at all, to the point that there is insistent talk of a crisis in progress and also of a possible final goodbye.

According to the gossip expert Alessandro Rosica, there would be no doubt that the love story between the two has already come to an end and that in recent days there would have been a harsh quarrel, which would have led them to break up and then put an end to this relationship.

There is talk of a definitive breakup for Can Yaman and Diletta
Just a few weeks ago, the two appeared happy and smiling together during their love trip to Turkey, where Can Yaman had the chance to introduce his family to his girlfriend Diletta Leotta.

A trip that had reignited the hope linked to a possible marriage for the couple, to the point that Can Yaman's father, in an interview with a Turkish weekly magazine, said that they would most likely become husband and wife in 2022.

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