Can Yaman and Diletta more and more distant and there is talk of a break-up: the two choose the 'no comment'.

Can Yaman and Diletta more and more distant and there is talk of a break-up: the two choose the 'no comment'.

The social absence of Can and Diletta: the two are more and more distant
In detail, Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta, since that famous trip they made together in Turkey and after watching together the final of the European Football Championship, won by Italy, have not been seen as a couple anymore.

So, since July 11, fans no longer see them at each other's side, although the two have continued to be particularly active on social media, posting different moments of their lives.

Diletta Leotta, for example, in these days has posted shots and stories of her vacation in Sardinia with her friends while Can Yaman has posted some shots while he was undergoing the administration of the vaccine, without having at his side his beloved.

There is talk of rupture between Can Yaman and his girlfriend Diletta
The gossip expert Alessandro Rosica thought that the suspicion that there is something going on between the two is not going in the best way.

With a post published on social networks, Rosica revealed that there was a furious fight between the two, at the end of which Can and Diletta would have chosen to say goodbye and then put an end to their relationship.

But what is the truth of the facts at this point? How are things between the two protagonists of the gossip of the moment? Their positions, on this situation and on these rumors related to the alleged breakup, are not at all reassuring.

The 'no comment' of the couple Can Yaman - Diletta Leotta
Both Can and Diletta, in spite of the rumors that have been circulating about them for some time, have preferred to hide behind a "no comment" and do not say a word about what is happening and about the fact that they appear to be more and more distant from each other.

This silence could be interrupted during this weekend, when the couple of summer 2021, would find themselves together again to spend the weekend at the beach. They will finally shed light on their relationship increasingly troubled and discussed? We will find out in the coming hours.

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