Can Yaman and Diletta, mystery on the quarrel in Turkey: the actor could be hiding a secret

Can Yaman and Diletta, mystery on the quarrel in Turkey: the actor could be hiding a secret

Can Yaman and his girlfriend Diletta Leotta were the protagonists of a trip to Turkey that was featured on social networks but also in various Gossip magazines. A trip that allowed the Turkish actor, the protagonist of several successful TV series, to introduce his beloved Diletta to his family members living in Turkey. However, between the two lovers, there were also some tense moments, like when Can pulled his girlfriend at the exit of a club, giving way to a real " mystery " on the reasons for this gesture.

It's a mystery regarding the quarrel between Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta in Turkey

In detail, Can and Diletta during their stay of about two weeks in Turkey, have been constantly at the center of media attention from newspapers and photographers.

And so, at the exit of a local the two have found themselves surrounded by a flood of paparazzi, ready to take pictures of them together.

A real crush of photographers has sent the Turkish actor in agitation, to the point of tugging his girlfriend Diletta. Too bad, however, that the sportswoman did not remain silent and without too many turns of phrase, she asked her boyfriend to stay calm.

'Don't pull me,' Diletta blurted out against her boyfriend

"Don't pull me! Don't worry, just answer and tell him that everything is ok," Diletta exclaimed when she realized that her boyfriend was particularly agitated by the situation that had arisen with the paparazzi.

It's a pity, however, that Diletta didn't have the desired effect because although she tried to calm and tranquilize the Turkish star, Can Yaman still appeared visibly nervous and cautious.

But to what could such nervousness be due? Can Yaman, after all, knows well that he is one of the most popular characters of the moment, followed by the paparazzi who are curious to immortalize shots of him at the side of his girlfriend.

Why all the trouble?

Could Turkish actor Can Yaman be keeping secrets?

On the pages of the magazine "Nuovo Tv", a juicy indiscretion was launched about the behavior of the protagonist of Mr. Wrong and DayDreamer.

"Now it's a mystery: will Yaman have something to hide from his Italian girlfriend?" wonders the magazine directed by Signoretti, who did not rule out the fact that Can may be hiding secrets related to his past, which he still would not have revealed to his current girlfriend.

Will this really be the reason why Can tried to run away from journalists and onlookers? Maybe the actor did not want to be asked uncomfortable questions in the presence of his beloved Diletta Leotta? The mystery thickens more and more.

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