Can Yaman and Diletta reportedly stay on good terms: 'Keep bad things from coming out'

Can Yaman and Diletta reportedly stay on good terms: 'Keep bad things from coming out'

We continue to talk about the couple composed by Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta hours after the rumors of crisis and breakup. To reiterate this is the Gossip expert Alessandro Rosica, who claims that the relationship between the two would be definitely at the end of the line. For some time, in fact, Can and Diletta no longer appear together and this has triggered the alarm bell. However, according to Rosica, in spite of the break-up, they have remained in good relationships.

There is talk of goodbye between Can Yaman and his girlfriend Diletta
In detail, following the famous trip to Turkey, during which Can Yaman had the opportunity to introduce his family to his girlfriend, Diletta Leotta, the moments in which the two were seen together became less and less.

The couple has "disappeared" from the social media radar: no more stories or photos of their vacations together. Each one, on his own, has taken over the reins of his life.

And so while Diletta Leotta posted shots of her vacation in Sardinia with her friends, Can Yaman was first photographed in Puglia and then in Campania, where he was "pampered" by the many fans who praise him as a real star.

The backstage of Rosica on the goodbye between Can and Diletta
But what is the reality of the facts between the two protagonists of the gossip of this summer 2021? Alessandro Rosica, from his Instagram profile, made a live broadcast in which he told how things would be between Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta right now.

Apparently, in fact, the two would have said goodbye for good and always according to the gossip expert, for some time there would be no more meetings.

"They can't dare at the moment officiality," Rosica created emphasizing the fact that the two could still have "agreements" with sponsors and newspapers.

"They have broken off all relations but, for the good of both and to avoid something bad coming out, they decided to stay on good terms," said Rosica thus revealing the backstory on the couple Can-Diletta.

The long silence of the couple Can-Diletta on the breakup rumors
The fact is that, after a few days from the increasingly insistent rumors about their breakup, both Yaman and Leotta have continued not to speak on social networks.

The two prefer the silence now without giving any hint to these rumors that concern them and that would see them far away and separated from each other.

Will they be able to finally shed light on this situation? We will find out only in the coming weeks.

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