Can Yaman and Diletta, a ring comes out but Rosica blurts out: 'They have to finish this fake story'.

Can Yaman and Diletta, a ring comes out but Rosica blurts out: 'They have to finish this fake story'.

Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta are back from a love trip they made in Turkey, during which the actor had the opportunity to introduce all his family to his beloved girlfriend. A love story that seems to proceed in the best way even if, to date, there are doubts and controversies about this couple. And so, while Diletta shows off what seems to be a full-fledged engagement ring, Gossip expert Alessandro Rosica has returned to "thunder" against the couple, believing that they will soon reach the end of this relationship.

Diletta Leotta's engagement ring: is it serious with Can?
In detail, after the trip to Turkey with her beloved Can Yaman, Diletta Leotta was photographed in the streets of Milan, while walking around holding her cell phone and showing off the ring she wore on her left ring finger.

For the well-informed, there would be no doubt: it would be a real engagement ring to all intents and purposes, which would be given to the beautiful Diletta Leotta by her new boyfriend.

On the other hand, in the last few days, we have been talking about the imminent marriage between Can and Diletta. Some speculated that the two could get married on August 16th but, apparently, this is not the case.

Can Yaman's dad sheds light on the night
The Turkish actor's dad, interviewed by a Turkish magazine, admitted that in his son's plans there is marriage to Diletta Leotta but said that they will probably join next year, so in 2022.

Waiting to find out if the marriage will go through and if the couple Can-Diletta becomes for real husband and wife, the gossip expert Alessandro Rosica, is back to point the finger at the two young lovers.

With a new post published on Instagram, Rosica let it be known that this "fake" love story between the two protagonists of the gossip of the moment, would lead both to increase their wealth.

Rosica's offensive against Can and Diletta's "fake story
In particular, Rosica claims that Can Yaman in this last period would have been able to reach several million contracts while Diletta Leotta would have tripled her market value, after the news of her love story with the Turkish star of the moment.

However, Rosica continues to move doubts about the couple and let it be known that soon they will have to bring this " pretending " to an end.

"All that remains is to end this fake story, not right away," the gossip expert wrote in his social post, adding that it will have to wait a little longer before reaching the final goodbye.

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