Can Yaman and Diletta, separate vacations: the journalist would have removed the ring

Can Yaman and Diletta, separate vacations: the journalist would have removed the ring

Alessandro Rosica has no doubts: the story between Diletta Leotta and Can Yaman would have come to an end after an argument between the two of them due to temperamental divergences. Indeed, the latest reports about the Turkish actor and the DAZN journalist would seem to confirm this hypothesis. The two, after having shared on social media wonderful and romantic moments lived during the vacation in Turkey, have not been seen together anymore. Both are enjoying days of relaxation but separated. So what is going on?

Can and Diletta at the crossroads?
While Diletta is in Sardinia, with friends, Can is in Puglia: vacations apart for the two young people who would be facing the umpteenth crisis of the couple. According to Rosica, this time there has been the final goodbye between the protagonist of Mr. Wrong and the face of DAZN, but to announce it to everyone the couple has decided to calm down a bit after the recent trip to Yaman's hometown, which seemed to bring closer and closer the day of the orange blossom. Evidently having received the blessing of the actor's mother and grandmother would not have been enough to overcome the differences between the two of them.

In fact, to believe that there is an air of deep crisis between the two, in addition to the choice of not being together during the vacations, there would be the report circulating on the web according to which Diletta would have even slipped from the left ring finger the precious engagement ring, Can' s pledge of love for his better half.

What really happened between the two is a mystery, since the photos posted on social networks of the vacation in Istanbul showed the couple more united and complicit than ever. Something may have broken irreparably.

The marriage could be canceled
If there will be to announce a final breakup of course will be the parties involved to do so, in the meantime the two shows to their fans happy and smiling, which would clash a bit 'with a recent decision to end their love story.

Besides, even the father of the actor, in a recent interview with a Turkish newspaper had said that the two were taking steps towards marriage, which was thought to be celebrated as early as next year.

The latest news totally overturns the situation. It is true that already in the past there was talk of a possible crisis between Diletta and Can, denied later.

Will it be the same this time or will Rosica's theory be confirmed? We just have to wait for the next chapter of what seems to be soap-like those in which Yaman himself is the protagonist.

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