Can Yaman and Diletta, there is talk of a crisis and the actor would hide an 'uncomfortable secret'.

Can Yaman and Diletta, there is talk of a crisis and the actor would hide an 'uncomfortable secret'.

There is talk of crisis and break between Diletta Leotta and Can Yaman

In detail, the latest news about the couple Can Yaman-Diletta Leotta reveals that there would be a crisis between the two.

According to Rosica, there would have been a new quarrel between the two lovers, which would have pushed them to put the word "end" to their relationship, to the point of stopping even the work projects they had together.

A version of the facts that could be confirmed by the fact that, for about ten days, Can Yaman and Diletta have lost track of each other on social networks. The sports anchorwoman, who from next August will return to present the matches of the Serie A soccer championship with Dazn, in these days is in Sardinia, on vacation with her friends but without her Turkish boyfriend (who is in Rome).

The Turkish actor would have an 'uncomfortable secret'

In short, the love story between the couple is tinged with yellow and, as if that wasn't enough, further revelations arrive also on the pages of the magazine directed by Riccardo Signoretti.

"Diletta Leotta and Can Yaman are always on vacation, but this love story is being colored in yellow", the magazine headlines, adding that the Turkish actor hides an "uncomfortable secret". But what could it be? This "secret" was already talked about in recent days when, during the vacation in Turkey, Can Yaman had avoided stopping to talk to journalists who were waiting for him with his girlfriend at the exit of a restaurant.

Can and Diletta's social silence continues

Why all that hurry and why did Can not like to chat with journalists, even though his girlfriend had asked him to stay calm and answer politely? In short, the mystery of the couple of the moment seems to get thicker and thicker and, at this point of the situation, there is nothing left but to wait for the official version of the facts of the two lovers.

Can and Diletta, are they going to break the wall of silence to shed light on these breakup rumors and about the actor's secret? We will find out in the coming hours.

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