Can Yaman breaks into Celebrity Hunted for Diletta Leotta, false step of the Turkish actor

Can Yaman breaks into Celebrity Hunted for Diletta Leotta, false step of the Turkish actor

The second season of Celebrity Hunted 2, Amazon Prime Video's reality show with VIP contestants on vacation in Italy and pursued by a team of investigators, saw among the illustrious guest stars the Turkish actor: Yaman in fact rescued his girlfriend Diletta Leotta in Rome but made a mistake.

Among the many celebrity guest stars of Celebrity Hunted 2, the Amazon Prime Video reality show, there's also Can Yaman, the beloved Turkish actor of soap operas broadcast with great success in Italy such as Bitter Sweet, DayDreamer, and Mr. Wrong - Love Lessons. The reason for this new incursion in an Italian program of Yaman (who now works regularly in our country and will also do Sandokan) is simple: among the contestants of this second season, there is Diletta Leotta, the sports anchorwoman with whom the actor has been in a relationship for some time. 

Diletta Leotta and help from Can Yaman, who makes a mistake
In her escape through Italy to escape the investigators who hunted her, Leotta took refuge in Rome, where she met Can Yaman himself. The scene is within the fourth episode of Celebrity Hunted 2, visible only to those with an Amazon Prime Video subscription. He greeted her with a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of champagne but didn't exactly choose a means of conveyance able to not attract attention. Yaman and Leotta fled for Rome in a decidedly flashy limousine/hammer.

And in fact, professional investigators called to hunt down VIPs immediately discovered that Yaman had rented the super suv. Thanks to a social media sighting, they were able to discover the hotel of a friend of Leotta's where she and Yaman took refuge, in Rome's Via del Corso. The journalist was eventually caught when she tried to leave the building.

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