Can Yaman caught 'checking out' private parts, Deianira teases: 'Is anyone there?'

Can Yaman caught 'checking out' private parts, Deianira teases: 'Is anyone there?'

Can Yaman continues to be at the center of media attention. The Turkish actor, In these days, is enjoying a period of vacation and relaxation in the company of his girlfriend Diletta Leotta, who he decided to bring to Turkey, for the official presentation to the family. The actor of Mr. Wrong has thus presented his new flame to mom and dad and these days there have been plenty of shots and paparazzi for the couple. The actor was also caught while giving a fix to his private parts with a sharp joke by the gossip expert, Deianira Marzano.

The protagonist of Mr. Wrong paparazzi while checking his private parts
In detail, during their stay in Turkey, Can Yaman and his girlfriend have allowed themselves days of leisure and fun at the beach, as witnessed on the social profiles of the couple.

The two, by now, have come out of the closet and have chosen to live their love story peacefully, under the watchful eyes of the many fans who follow and support them.

In the last few hours, Can Yaman was also caught while giving a check to his private parts. Photographers caught the actor of Mr. Wrong and DayDreamer while he was checking the "family jewels", with a peek inside the costume and his girlfriend at his side.

Deianira teases Can Yaman
The reaction of the Neapolitan influencer and Gossip expert, Deianira Marzano, was immediate, and she didn't miss a chance to be ironic about the Turkish actor.

"Can you check. Knock knock, anyone there?", wrote Deianira on social media, thus teasing Can Yaman at the center of gossip for his rumored love affair with the sports anchorwoman, who from the end of August will return to tell the Serie A soccer championship as a correspondent for Dazn.

Irony aside, the vacation between Can and Diletta in Turkey is continuing in the best way. The couple In these days has posted several shots including those in the company of the actor's family.

Can Yaman's mom have approved the wedding with Diletta
Yaman's mother, for example, published a photo showing her in the company of her son and his beautiful fiancée, with smiling and happy faces.

It would seem that the beautiful Diletta has succeeded in making a breach in Can's mother's heart, so much so that it is rumored that the woman has given her "green light" for the long-awaited wedding.

After some initial hesitation about Diletta, it seems that Mrs. Guildam has changed her mind about the Italian presenter who has conquered her son's heart, to the point of saying she is in favor of a possible marriage.

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