Can Yaman criticized for perfume: 'Does he produce it with money advanced by fans?'

Can Yaman criticized for perfume: 'Does he produce it with money advanced by fans?'

Can Yaman has launched his new professional project, putting a perfume on sale. On Monday, July 19, in fact, the actor has opened a website to start the marketing of his fragrance. The new working commitment of Diletta Leotta's boyfriend, however, has not been well seen by everyone and, even some fans, have criticized a detail that has not gone unnoticed. At the moment, the Mania perfume is on pre-sale and, the shipment is scheduled to start on September 15. The two-month wait to receive the order has raised controversy, doubting the good faith of Can Yaman.

Can Yaman puts the perfume on sale and gets flooded with criticism
After having anticipated a few days ago the launch of his perfume, the wait has grown among the supporters of the protagonist of DayDreamer - The Wings of Dream, to discover the details about the fragrance. On the net, moreover, some gossips have leaked in the last hours, about the female face that could have sided or supported him in the advertisement campaign Can Yaman. In the day of Monday, July 19, after having opened his personal website, the future Sandokan was not able to satisfy all the fans. In fact, as explained in the pre-sale phase, the order shipment would have started from September 15, for some too far from the date of payment.

Some people also criticized Yaman's choice to put the fragrance on the market only online, therefore without having the chance to try it first. Moreover, the two-month wait seemed too long, to the point of speculating that the production of the fragrance would be done thanks to money acquired earlier from consumers.

Can Yaman's perfume is scheduled to be shipped from September 15: criticism on the web
Among the posts of criticism against Diletta Leotta's boyfriend, on Twitter one person wrote:

''To recap: You order the perfume today, pay, and receive it after September 15. So he produces it with the money advanced by the fans? What kind of project is that?

This was not the only message against the choice of Can Yaman, to send the order after almost two months. Under a post by Alessandro Rosica, in fact, other people have not taken well the new professional project of the Turkish actor.

Can Yaman is selling the perfume only online and is being criticized
Some users have considered risky the lack of possibility to try before buying the fragrance, not making it available in stores, but only online. A girl wrote under a post by Alessandro Rosica: ''They don't even put the lots in perfumeries because they already know that people won't buy it''. Another instead wrote: "I didn't buy the pasta advertised by him, much less the perfume".

We just have to wait a little while, to find out if Can Yaman's perfume will be a success or not.

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