Can Yaman-Diletta Leotta overwhelmed by passion at sea, controversial fans: 'Ridiculous' (Photo)

Can Yaman-Diletta Leotta overwhelmed by passion at sea, controversial fans: 'Ridiculous' (Photo)

The couple composed of Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta continues to be at the center of media attention of the moment. The two protagonists of the Gossip of this hot summer 2021, were the protagonists of a vacation that they indulged in together in Turkey, during which, the actor presented the presenter to his family. However, Can and Diletta have not been spared by the presence of the paparazzi, who have set out on their tracks, and have immortalized them even in a moment of passion in the water, so much so as to trigger the reactions of angry social fans.

Hot vacation for Can and Diletta
In detail, Can and Diletta have been protagonists for two weeks of a vacation in Turkey, during which the actor protagonist of DayDreamer and Mr. Wrong, took the opportunity to present his new flame to his family, who until then had known her only in newspapers and through social networks.

A meeting that has borne fruit, since Can's mother has also posted photos in which she appears alongside her son's girlfriend, visibly happy.

But, during their long stay in Turkey, Can and Diletta was also caught by the paparazzi during moments of passion in the water.

Summer of love for Can and Diletta on vacation in Turkey
The hot shots were published, exclusively, by the magazine directed by Alfonso Signorini, who already in the past had caught the couple of the moment in tender attitudes.

"Scandal in the sun. Overwhelmed by passion in the sea of Turkey," wrote the cover of Signorini's weekly magazine, publishing the shots of the couple's hot love vacation this summer.

Shots that have not gone unnoticed by many fans, many of whom have turned up their noses and pointed the finger at Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta.

"Always without photographers, even in Turkey," wrote Alessandro Rosica on Instagram commenting on the photos of the couple.

Controversial fans against the couple Can Yaman - Diletta Leotta
"But who cares, you really broke up with these two. Change the record," wrote instead another social user who, apparently, no longer appreciates the omnipresence of the couple Can-Diletta on the various gossip magazines and news.

"He has no choice but the magazines because the profession of the actor has lost him on the road," wrote yet another fan who pointed his finger at the Turkish star, star of several successful fictions in our country.

"It's seven months that reports about them come out. They are ridiculous," said yet another fan who, apparently, does not believe in the veracity of this relationship between Yaman and Leotta.

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