Can Yaman furious pulls Diletta Leotta, the video shows what really happened in Turkey

Can Yaman furious pulls Diletta Leotta, the video shows what really happened in Turkey

On the Italian media circulates the news of a Can Yaman furious with the press during the trip with Leotta. Besieged by journalists after a dinner with the actor's parents, he would have pulled Diletta: in reality, as the video from Turkey shows, the scene was quite different.

Diletta Leotta and Can Yaman are making people talk once again. The couple spent a short period in Turkey, where the Italian presenter was able to meet the actor's parents and grandmother. An evening spent together made the Italian media discuss a lot: it was reported that Yaman was furious because, at the exit of the restaurant where he had dined with Leotta and her family, a large group of Turkish journalists surrounded them asking questions. It was even written that Yaman would have abruptly pulled Diletta to escape the paparazzi, with her trying to calm him down.

The video reveals what happened between the couple Yaman-Leotta and the journalists
The Turkish video circulating on Youtube actually shows a very different scene. Although Yaman is visibly annoyed by the continuous questions of the press and literally besieged by the microphones, in the video we don't see any violent tugging at his girlfriend, who simply says "Don't pull me, don't worry" and shortly after asks Yaman to open up a bit to the journalists: "Answer, love". Leotta actually looks very amused because she doesn't understand any of the questions asked ("This thing makes me laugh too much, it's a ridiculous situation!") and can't help but respond with a "Bravo" to one of the journalists, provoking general hilarity. In short, despite the interference of the small crowd of reporters, moreover, with the father of the Turkish actor who at one point stumbles and falls, the scene appears anything but tense or dramatic.

Diletta Leotta's vacation with Can Yaman in Turkey
There is already talk of a wedding between Yaman and Leotta, even though there is nothing official and the dating has only been going on for a few months. "The first step has been taken, the engagement rings have been worn. I hope the wedding is next year," Yaman's dad told Magazin Burada, a local newspaper. In Turkey, the two spent romantic days on a boat and Can's mom addressed sweet words to the couple, calling them "My daughter and my son." Certainly, the media attention from here to Istanbul is constant and the two are struggling to get some privacy and confidentiality. It has to be said they are not adopting a low profile either, given the amount of social photos together. He even guest-starred on Celebrity Hunted, the reality show in which Leotta was a contestant.

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