Can Yaman, Paolone's backstory on Luca Argentero: 'They didn't even say hello to each other'

Can Yaman, Paolone's backstory on Luca Argentero: 'They didn't even say hello to each other'

Can Yaman ended up at the center of Gossip in the last hours, because of an indiscretion leaked by paparazzo Paolone. During a live chat with Cristian Alaimo, made on his Instagram account of the fortune teller of Ciao Darwin, they talked about a random meeting that the Turkish actor allegedly had during his vacations in Puglia with Luca Argentero. The two actors, already confirmed for some time in the cast of Sandokan, did not greet each other.

Can Yaman and Luca Argentero met, but didn't say hello to each other

The media attention on Can Yaman is always high and the movements of the protagonist of DayDreamer - The Wings of Dreams are kept under watch, not only by the Turkish actor's fans but also by photographers, who are ready to find some scoop on him.

On the evening of Sunday, July 25, the paparazzo Paolone revealed a backstory on Can who, during his stay in Puglia, would have casually met one of the actors in the cast of Sandokan, a project on which Yaman has been working for a few months, but would not have greeted him. However, according to Paolone, the future tiger of Malaysia would have seen Luca Argentero, who will play the role of Yanez in the remake of the 70's TV series, in a club. However, the two actors would not stop to talk and there would be no greeting between them.

Sandokan: Can Yaman and Luca Argentero be part of the cast, but nobody said hello during a meeting

During the chat with Paolone, Cristian Alaimo has declared that some of his followers would have made him notice that, during his vacations in Puglia, Can Yaman met Luca Argentero in a club.

The paparazzo has made a clarification in this regard, providing more details about what would have happened: " With Argentero, however, they have not even said hello, you know, right? The photographer said: ''As if they didn't know each other, like never? These must work together''. Indeed, the two actors were confirmed a few months ago in the cast of Sandokan.

The Sandokan project with Can Yaman and Luca Argentero: a mystery about filming

There is a mystery about the shooting of Sandokan and the broadcaster who will buy the rights to broadcast the television series. If at first it was thought that it was again Canale 5 to be awarded the airing of the new soap with Can Yaman, recently, it was added the hypothesis Netflix or Amazon Prime, which could be concerned with the purchase of the remake of the success of the 70s.

In recent days, moreover, there have been rumors that the Sandokan project could be stopped. In this regard, Cristian Alaimo said: ''Is this Sandokan being made or not?''. Paolone said: ''Even if it is done or not, but you know you have to collaborate, you don't go there and say oh, hi, how are you? We shake hands, we have a drink, we talk''. The fortune-teller of Ciao Darwin continued then, saying: ''Well, it thickens, even more, this story''. We just have to wait a little while, to find out more updates on the television series that had brought Kabir Bedi to success and if Can Yaman and Luca Argentero will meet on the set.

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