Can Yaman spotted with Enzo Thorens: the director could be working on a new commercial

Can Yaman spotted with Enzo Thorens: the director could be working on a new commercial

Can Yaman ended up at the center of the Gossip in the last hours, because of the closeness with the director Enzo Thorens. The couple, in fact, has been immortalized in the streets of Rome and was also filmed by the paparazzo Gianluigi Barbieri, who shared the video on his social profile. At the moment, the protagonist of DayDreamer - Le ali del sogno is engaged in the sponsorship of a new perfume and, the director with whom Can has been spotted, could be the one who will take care of the advertising spot of the promotional campaign. Moreover, on the net, rumors are spreading about who could be the female testimonial and, Cristian Alaimo revealed that it would be Özge Gürel.

Can Yaman be in the company of director Enzo Thorens
On the day of Sunday, July 18, Gianluigi Barbieri included in his Instagram stories a clip of Can Yaman, while walking in the company of Enzo Thorens. Based on the video shared on social by the photographer, no further details have leaked out about the meeting between the actor and the director even if, given the latest professional projects of the future Sandokan, it would be conceivable that Thorens could take care of the advertising video for the new perfume that he is sponsoring Can Yaman in recent days.

The director of the Can Yaman perfume spot could be Enzo Thorens
At the moment, there are no additional details about the closeness between the well-known director and Diletta Leotta's boyfriend, but the closeness of the couple could lead to the hypothesis that it would be plausible that soon, in addition to the promotional campaign on social networks of the new fragrance, there will also be a video for a commercial to accompany the commercial launch of the perfume.

In the meantime, on the net, there are rumors about who could be the female face of the campaign.

Özge Gürel could sponsor Can Yaman's fragrance
And while the wait grows to know who will be the woman who could sponsor the fragrance, in the evening of Sunday, July 18, during a live broadcast on Instagram, Cristian Alaimo has made the name of Özge Gürel, as a testimonial of the campaign.

The Ciao Darwin fortune teller, during a chat with paparazzo Paolone, said that the Turkish actress will be involved in the sponsorship of the fragrance, but she will not be next to the protagonist of DayDreamer - The Wings of Dream in the commercial. We just have to wait for more information, to find out the real connection between director Enzo Thorens and Can Yaman and if they will be professionally linked for the perfume commercial or some other project.

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