Can Yaman, why the filming of Sandokan is at risk

Can Yaman, why the filming of Sandokan is at risk

Can Yaman, handsome and talented is at the center of gossip for his love story with Diletta Leotta that - let's admit it - is making many of us dream. Yet an indiscretion is circulating about the working future of the handsome Turkish actor, who could see his projects at risk.

Needless to say, fans were shocked by this news, although no confirmation or denial has arrived. It seems that Sandokan, the series of the reboot of the historical fiction with Kabir Bedi that has depopulated in the eighties becoming in effect a cult, will not be done. Or at least, that currently the filming is postponed to a date to be determined.

As reports by, the paparazzo Paolone shared the indiscretion on social media, causing panic among the Yamanine: "The Sandokan project is stopped. They are stopped training. All the work on the side of this film that they have to shoot is stopped. Everything is stopped, blocked. We don't even know if the filming will resume in November, nothing. It's at a standstill and we don't even know if this project will go ahead," he said.

In fact, the filming of Sandokan, a Lux Vide production that also involves the actor Luca Argentero, should have started between June and July 2021, but in fact, the handsome Can Yaman is currently busy elsewhere between a vacation and a visit to his family, alongside his inseparable Diletta. Where are the hard workouts planned to get into the shoes of the tiger of Mompracem? The mystery thickens.

To tell the truth, no one has confirmed or denied this rumor that remains only a rumor. On the contrary, Alfonso Signorini would have revealed important details from the pages of his magazine Chi, going against the rumors about the cancellation of the TV series. The director and host of GF Vip have published important details about the distribution of Sandokan, stating that the series will be composed of eight episodes of 50 minutes each and could be broadcasted not on Rai or Mediaset (as it was predictable), but on a platform like Netflix that would have set its eyes on the Italian production.

We just have to wait for further developments, in the meantime Can Yaman's fans (in addition to following his adventures with Diletta Leotta on Instagram) can continue to admire their sex symbol on Canale 5, which continues to broadcast the new Turkish series Mr. Wrong - Love Lessons every Tuesday in prime time 

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