Diletta Leotta, the coded message on Instagram leaves you speechless

Diletta Leotta, the coded message on Instagram leaves you speechless

Diletta Leotta, the latest story posted on Instagram has left her fans stunned. Here's what she posted and why. 

They spent a handful of days in a mysterious and fascinating land. Between boat trips, luxury restaurants, and beautiful crystal clear waters. Now they are back in Italy, she at least. But it is evident, taking a fleeting look at her Instagram profile, that Diletta Leotta's heart is still there, back in enchanting Turkey.

That's where she went on vacation with her sex symbol boyfriend, actor Can Yaman. His homeland is there, which is why this trip had a very special meaning for the couple. That went far beyond, evidently, the simple escape of love typically summer.

The last photo published by the conductor of Dazn portrays them together in a boat, in the open sea. They both smile while the sun behind them tinges the sky of yellow and orange. A beautiful shot from which it is clear how much complicity there is between the star of DayDreamer and the beautiful Diletta.

Diletta Leotta, the dedication to Can Yaman makes fans dream

Leotta seems to struggle to "forget" the happy days spent in Turkey with the man who made her heartbeat after the breakup with King Toretto. And it proves it if there was still need, even the story she posted on Instagram just a few hours ago. From the meaning, as you will discover, absolutely unique.

The content in question is nothing more than a "simple" photo that depicts her in the city that has adopted her, namely Milan. Diletta Leotta is in her underwear, but a cardigan properly covers her wonders. She is perched, with the grace of which only she is capable, on a "sculpture" that has the shape of a word. And that word is love.

It leaves no room for interpretation, about the coded message she wanted to send via Instagram, even the song she chose as background: "Estoy enamorado" by Dominican singer-songwriter Omega. That it is a declaration of love addressed to her handsome Can? 

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