Diletta Leotta, painful confession: "I had moments of discouragement".

Diletta Leotta, painful confession: "I had moments of discouragement".

Celebrity Hunted 2, Diletta Leotta confesses: "I had moments of discouragement".

By now we know the format, now in its second edition. Celebrity Hunted is the classic 'guards and thieves, but to escape are famous people of our world of entertainment. This year Diletta Leotta has decided to participate, the journalist, in fact, never pulls back when it comes to confronting challenges like this. In an interview granted to the weekly magazine Voi, however, the face of Dazn, through a painful confession, explains that this experience has not been, as it might seem from the outside, all roses and flowers. These are her words:

I won't hide the fact that I had moments of discouragement and fear, but with great instinct, tenacity, and determination that I didn't even think I had, I managed to get away with it.

In short, it seems that thanks to Celebrity Hunted 2 Diletta Leotta was able to discover hidden sides of herself.

Diletta Leotta on Celebrity Hunted 2: "I felt tired, I needed some affection".

Therefore, we have already seen how the experience of Celebrity Hunted 2 has allowed Diletta Leotta to pull out of still hidden sides of her character. It must be said, however, that in the interview granted to the weekly magazine Voi, the journalist has also brought out other aspects of her participation, for example, the tiredness that occurred during the escape:

I felt tired, needed the affections, needed serenity, normalcy, and missed being normal. This desire for distraction from these intense days made me lose focus a little bit on the escape.

Celebrity Hunted 2, Diletta Leotta: "I thought about leaving everything".

Recently, on the subject of Diletta Leotta, the words of Can Yaman had surprised me. Now, however, the journalist returns to talk about the experience of Celebrity Hunted 2 and confesses:

At some point I thought about leaving everything, going back to my life.

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