Farah Zeynep Abdullah explained for the first time why she left Innocent Apartments

Farah Zeynep Abdullah explained for the first time why she left Innocent Apartments

The famous actress Farah Zeynep Abdullah, who has been talked about for days because she said goodbye to the Innocent Apartments tv series, played a leading role. She explained for the first time the reason for her separation.

Interviewed by Ayşe Arman and talked for days after her departure from the phenomenon series, the actress said, "In fact, I do not understand why the end of a character in the story is so magnified! It may be a decision about my career, it may be a decision about the script...

Isn't it a little strange that this issue is so overblown when we have much more serious problems? "Our terrible problem with mucilage has not been so much in the news."

"We're talking about a 37-episode season with 2.5 hours per episode. Compared to the technically well-known and world-famous series, we shot a series that lasted 20 hours longer than the total length of Game of Thrones, which lasted 8 years. In a way, someone who wants to watch 1 season of Innocent Apartments has to spend almost 3 days and 20 hours in front of the TV. Think about it, 8 seasons of Games of Thrones take 3 days and 16 minutes in total. The team accepted this and began working on a television series. We started, we planned accordingly. When I think about it, we had a lot of time for İnci's story, and I think it was over. I did the best I could. "

Abdullah said, "I've read comments with curses or something like that. What's that? I was leaving the show. It's a shame for me.

Expressing your opinion: "Why did you break up with him? There's nothing wrong with saying "We're upset" or "We're angry"; I was like a robot whose life is in the hands of the public: "Damn it!

Their comments about the whole 'destroyed series' are very bad... After all, it was a project for me that I was willingly involved in and played with fondly."

Abdullah also said, "Well, I can't convince or comfort anyone! In the story that I was very excited about in the beginning, Inci was actually positioned as the book's psychiatrist. In the series finale, it was İnci who would get Safiye out of the house. But of course, speaking of the length of the series and the flow of the story, "Along the way, some things had to change," She said.

"The characters we wanted to heal got better in their own love stories. Safiye, who was never able to leave the apartment in the first episode, even went to the train station for Naci," Abdullah added. "She has become a woman. who is dedicated to her life and hopes that her wounds will be healed by healing the wounds of others, and who struggles for this patiently. Inci's final is different from the one that first excited me, it was sad, but I think it was beautiful ."

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