Happy moments of the couple Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin

Happy moments of the couple Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin

The famous couple is pursuing their love in full force. Kerem Bürsin recently shared a photo of his sweetheart Erçel on Instagram. The duo's sweet moments caught my attention.

Hande Erçel (27) recently celebrated the birthday of her boyfriend Kerem Bürsin (34) with a photo she posted on her social network account.

The beautiful actress commented, "It came from my heart, I shared it" about her post, where she wrote the note "I'm so lucky to have you" and received thousands of likes.

"Do you think you guys are lucky together? " Kerem Bürsin answered the question "Absolutely".

Erçel could not hide her embarrassment when journalists reminded her of Kerem Bürsin's words "I am very lucky to be with Hande".

The famous actress responded to the words of her boyfriend: "I am lucky, he is lucky too, we are both lucky".

Hande Erçel and her older sister Gamze Erçel were spotted on the luxury boat they had rented with a group of friends. Erçel entered the sea in the boat they set up in Orak Island.
Some colorful images emerged when Erçel's sister showered while she was on the stairs. The fit image of Erçel, who later changed into a bikini, attracted attention.

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