Kerem Bürsin and how he has changed from youth to stardom.

Kerem Bürsin and how he has changed from youth to stardom.

The popularity of a movie, music, or television star is not only measured by the number of followers they have on social networks. The true fan phenomenon also brings with it numerous tribute accounts dedicated body and soul to glossing the love felt for this or that celebrity.

And after the worldwide success of 'Love is in the air and the repercussions of their relationship beyond the small screen, Kerem Bürsin, and Hande Erçel are certainly in this select club of celebrities.

About the Turkish actress, we already talked about her beginnings as a miss and TV presenter. We have also told about her viral rise to fame and how she has had to take care of her mental health to cope with what it entails. Now it's her partner's turn for us to review what she was like when she was young and what her path to stardom has been like.

Although he was born in Istanbul, the young Kerem never got to live permanently in his country of origin due to the continuous moves of his family. In some of the images that his fans make swarm through the networks, we can see him as a young man, with a look as attractive as the one he wears now, although with much more of a boy's face. After spending time in Scotland, Indonesia or Dubai, he ended up in the United States, where after finishing his studies he got his first roles in short films and somewhat embarrassing B-movies.

One of his first roles was in 'Sharktopus', a low-budget, trashy production about a genetic hybrid of shark and octopus that pretends to be the ultimate weapon of the U.S. Navy, but ends up escaping and spreading terror in the waters of Puerto Vallarta.

Determined to live the American dream, the interpreter's future changed when an unexpected tragedy struck. "My best friend died in a bicycle accident in New York. He was very young and it was an absurd death. Very painful," he stated in the Turkish media 'Hurriyet'.

As soon as she landed in Turkey, the future star had to swap her cameras for a rifle. "I joined the army on the fourth day after I arrived. In the meantime, I was thinking about what to do when I finished," he says of his period of military service in the 58th Infantry Regiment in Burdur. 

Soon after he would receive a curious offer to appear in a Chinese horror film and before long his popularity would skyrocket after appearing in the soap opera 'Güneşi Beklerken'. Since then, Bürsin has continued to work in both Hollywood and Turkish productions, filming in both English and Turkish.

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