Kerem Bürsin and partner Alican Aytekin declare war on each other: Revenge is coming.

Kerem Bürsin and partner Alican Aytekin declare war on each other: Revenge is coming.

War has broken out on the set of 'Love is in the air. Kerem Bürsin and Alican Aytekin (Seyfi) have started a battle in which the protagonist of the series of the moment seems to have the upper hand. With their partners as witnesses ( as well as accomplices) the two actors have starred in the last few days in some surprising scenes that have caused more than one scare.

But don't worry, the blood won't reach the river. The peculiar war that the actors have started is a joke! and shows the good vibes that exist between the cast. As Kerem Bürsin said in the exclusive interview he gave to Mediaset. " A day on the set is a lot of fun". He wasn't fooling us!

The first to start this war that, as we have seen, is going up a level, was the protagonist of the series, who strategically placed behind his colleague with two pieces of wood, gave him and the actress Neslihan Yeldan (Aydan in the series) a scare to death. 

Kerem didn't know what he had done. Of course, Alican Aytekin kept it to himself and vowed on Instagram that things weren't going to stay that way. "Revenge is coming," he warned him in the text that accompanied the funny video. And it didn't take him long to execute it. Just two days later, helped by Hande Erçel and Elçin Afacan (Melo) along with using the same gadgets as his friend, Aytekin gave it back to him and shared the result on his social networks."Our job is to scare you. Get well soon, brother. 1-1 situation."

But Kerem doesn't like ties and a day later he broke this 1 -1 with a joke with a bucket of water. Taking advantage of a speech in his partner's garden, the actor climbed up to the second floor of the house and threw a bucket of water at him. How will Alican Aytekin respond?

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