Kerem Bürsin: I was a driver for $75 per day in Los Angeles

Kerem Bürsin: I was a driver for $75 per day in Los Angeles

I finished marketing communications in Boston. Consider it insurance, insurance, to complete this degree. My father never wanted me to be an actor, my mother secretly supported me.

I had a band when I was in high school. My life is music! We used to play gigs on the weekends, I decided not to go to college and say "I'll do music".

Kerem Bürsin declared that one of his ears was torn off: I have a sticking ear, but I can't remember which one. I think my left ear is sticking out a bit. Someone really liked this event. He came and told me."

Admitting that he took his clothes off when he got drunk, Bürsin said, "I take my clothes off everywhere.. I start with my pants. I wear a T-shirt, no socks, no pants. That's why I don't drink much. The last time I got drunk was 2.5 to 3 years ago," he said.

Kerem Bürsin, Interviewed by İbrahim Selim "Do you have an obsession? "I need to use shampoo in the shower first.

If not, I think it will be a bad day. First shampoo, soap, cream, then quick soap again. When I spray perfume, I have to spray it 3 times on my hands first and then do an x after I apply it to my neck.

" Did you get out of your dirty basket with a T-shirt or socks? He answered the question, "Not socks, but I've worn a T-shirt a lot."

The famous actor explained that he was a driver in Los Angeles for a while: "I transported players in a business that cost $75 per day. I took overseas players to wherever they wanted to go. They would say 'Margot Robbie is coming,' I don't know who she was, she wasn't famous at the time. She's coming for the auditions filming. Then we were close to Margot for two weeks. Then she left, then she came back, then became famous.

Kerem Bürsin, in the episode "Who would you like to have dinner with? ", "Helen Mirren or Hande Ercel? He answered "Hande" to the question.

Explaining that he has been writing films for four years, Kerem Bürsin said, "I don't have a story in mind. I have been writing for four years. When will this end," he said.

Nowhere accepts that I am really Turkish. I come here, you are not Turkish, you are American. Are you Turkish there?

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