Kerem Bürsin makes an emotional speech to women: "We need a more beautiful world".

Kerem Bürsin makes an emotional speech to women: "We need a more beautiful world".

Kerem Bürsin continues to fight for women to have the same rights as men in Turkey. In a recent appearance on Elcin Ates' show, the Love is in the air star surprised gymnast Ayse Begum, the recent world champion in the Aerobic Gymnastics championship and a big fan of the actor. After meeting her, Bürsin did not miss the opportunity to launch an emotional message to all women.

"You have become a great inspiration, not only for women and little girls but for many people, including me," the performer has told the gymnast. The presenter has asked the actor about the terrible situation that some women live in Turkey and Bürsin has asked men to denounce inequality as well. "As a country, we have many problems around this issue [violence on women]. It is not only a problem in our country. It happens all over the world. We are in a patriarchal system," the actor begins.

When you hear certain things, like 'Let's take care of women'... There is no need to take care of our women, the phrase should be, 'We should not be a hindrance to our women.' Remaining silent means you agree with this system. Men also have to raise their voices. We don't have to do much. Raise our voice and make it heard. We need a more beautiful world.

This is not the first time the actor has spoken this way about women. For years he has been denouncing the lack of equality between genders in Turkey. In an interview with Fox TV he gave his opinion on the matter: "Whether it's in the language we use or in a systematic way, we see that inequality every day. In our world [acting], the scenarios can also be like that. The woman is more vulnerable and the man is a savior. Certain story structures and phrases... For example, it's not right to call a girl a woman.'."

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