Kerem Bürsin, regarding machismo in Turkey: "In this system of patriarchy, men also have to raise their voices".

Kerem Bürsin, regarding machismo in Turkey: "In this system of patriarchy, men also have to raise their voices".

Kerem Bürsin is currently one of the most mediatic Turkish actors inside and outside his country's frontiers thanks to the success of 'Love is in the air. In addition, he takes every opportunity to defend what he believes and the values that represent him. On this occasion, he has been convincing in defending women's rights, especially in Turkey, a country where gender inequality is the order of the day.

Last weekend, the actor was invited to participate in a program that precisely revolves around women in the working environment. The purpose of his visit was to surprise a 19-year-old girl, Ayşe Begüm Onbaşı, a gymnast who recently became world champion in aerobic gymnastics. She herself wanted to immortalize the moment on her social networks. 

The star of 'Love is in the air has been blunt, once again, against the machismo that continues to be the protagonist in society and especially in his country: "We live in a patriarchal system. That's why we hear phrases like 'Let's take care of women'. There is no need to take care of our women, the phrase should be 'We should not be a hindrance to our women'." He adds, "To remain silent about this is to go along with the system."

The actor is very aware of feminism because he has been educated in many different countries and has lived in very different cultures. Kerem is one of the celebrities who takes a strong stance on this aspect in his country and is clear that fighting for equality is not only a job for women. "In this patriarchal system, men also have to raise their voices. They don't have to do much more, because women are more successful than us," he says with a smile. "Because unfortunately, this system makes your life and work more difficult."

In addition, the actor does not hesitate to give figures that show the magnitude of the social problem that continues to exist: "There are approximately 16 million women in this country who are suffering psychological violence every year (in Turkey). We should prevent this".

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