Kerem Bürsin speaks about the values instilled in him by his family: He took us to the war in Kosovo.

Kerem Bürsin speaks about the values instilled in him by his family: He took us to the war in Kosovo.

Kerem Bürsin's story is not that of the typical actor. Not even that of the average Turkish citizen. His family lived in numerous countries during Kerem's childhood and adolescence, so he did not grow up in Turkey and his first language is English. This was due to his father's profession, who worked as an engineer for a major oil company.

Despite having to move home every 2 or 3 years, the Bürsins lived comfortably. They discovered new cultures with every move - they have lived in Jakarta, Edinburgh, several cities in the United States... - but it was very important for the couple to instill good values in their children. For this reason, the actor's mother decided to take them to Kosovo during the war, so that they could get to know realities very different from their own. It is something she confessed in an interview with Roportaj Gazetesi in 2015.

"She took us to Kosovo during the war to make us realize that life is not just the life we live."

The actor's mother was unable to build her career after deciding to support her husband's profession and travels, so she turned to help others. "I'm proud of her. Being able to help others and make their lives easier is one of the most important values. She instilled that in us, too." His mother's influence has been reflected in some of the causes Bürsin supports.

The actor often speaks publicly about the feminist movement as something necessary for society. Nowadays, it is rare who does not do so, but his message is far-reaching. He is also very aware of environmental issues and, when it was his birthday, he asked his followers to make a donation to Yuvam Dunya, an organization that fights to stop climate change, instead of sending him gifts. 

Traveling constantly helped him bond with his sister Melis. "[I was very close] to my sister, of course. Sometimes months would go by and we had no friends. We were having a hard time constantly changing places. You get separated from people. But we always existed for each other," he assures Roportaj Gazetesi.

To celebrate Father's Day, Melis Bürsin posted an image of her father and thanked him for everything he had taught him. "He is a true friend. He is down for any new experience or adventure and I appreciate him teaching his children the importance of curiosity. He is nothing but proud and supportive and never once made me feel that I was less because I was a female."

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