Kivanç Tatlitug participates in Belgian Netflix series

Kivanç Tatlitug participates in Belgian Netflix series

Kivanç Tatlitug has been turning to science fiction stories in recent times. After embarking with Özge Özpirinçci (Woman) on A Submarine Story, for Netflix, about a marine biologist and submarine researcher, he has now been cast in the second season of Into the night, another sci-fi story and first Belgian production for Netflix, from which the Turkish series is in fact inspired. In both, the sun's rays kill people and they have to figure out how to escape from them.

While Kivanç and Özge are awaiting the premiere of Bir Denizaltı Hikayesi, which has been filmed in Foça in recent months, it has already been revealed that the Turkish actor, star of series such, Kuzey Güney and Forbidden Love, will participate in the second season of the Belgian version, along with other European actors from France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland, Russia, etc. Among the Spaniards will be Joe Manjón (El internado, Reinas) and Javier Godino (Hospital Valle Norte, Víctor Ros).

What is the Belgian series featuring Kivanç Tatlitug about?
Written by Jason George (Narcos, The Blacklist), the second season of Into The Night is directed by Belgian Nabil Ben Yadir (Les Barons) and French Camille Delamarre ( Last Call). The story of the second part begins with the end of the first, where the passengers of Flight 21 find a subway ex-Soviet military bunker in Bulgaria in order to hide from the sun but are thrown into an accident that threatens their food supply.

According to director Nabil Ben Yadir: "I am impressed by the harmony of the different languages in 'Into the night'. The talented actors from all over Europe create a great synergy and a great job. Even though French, Arabic, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Russian, Turkish, English, and Polish are spoken, we actually speak a common language and understand each other very well. Being in the director's chair of this multicultural cast is a unique and enriching experience."

Thus, Kivanç Tatlitug will not only premiere the Turkish version of this science fiction story alongside the successful Özge Özpirinçci but will also be part of the international cast that will star in the second season of the Belgian version.

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