Serkan Çayoğlu and Özge Gürel spend a few days in the United States.

Serkan Çayoğlu and Özge Gürel spend a few days in the United States.

Finished filming his latest series Kıbrıs Ada Kısı, which took him to Cyprus for seven months, Turkish actor Serkan Çayoglu has taken a vacation with his girlfriend, Özge Gürel, in the United States. The couple, who starred in 2014's Amar es primavera, has shared some photos of their visit to Los Angeles with all their Instagram followers.

Çayoglu finished filming his soap opera very recently, but he no longer sports the mustache and hairstyle that characterized his period character, Ankarali, an Ankara intelligence officer in the midst of Operation Peace in Cyprus tour between 1964 and 1974. Now Serkan has returned to his somewhat longer, more casual hair and two-day beard, which are so characteristic of his attractiveness.

Serkan and Özge enjoyed walking around the most emblematic places of the American city, including Hollywood studios, and photographed themselves in most of them, posting some images on their Instagram. Wearing sporty and summery clothes, the popular couple has thus fulfilled one of their dreams, to travel to the United States. So far, they had opted for a vacation on the Turkish coast, as happened last year, but this time, the two actors have decided to cross the pond.

For the time being, Çayoglu and Gürel can afford to enjoy some time off, as neither of them has any imminent work projects. He has just finished his latest series, while she, who starred in Dolunay as well, starred in Bay Yanlis again alongside Can Yaman last year, and has so far not embarked on anything new.

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