Three wishes Kerem Bürsin would ask the Genie of the Lamp for

Three wishes Kerem Bürsin would ask the Genie of the Lamp for

We have all wondered at some point what we would ask for if we had the possibility of being granted three wishes just like in the famous story of Aladdin and made even more iconic through the Disney movie Aladdin. In the case of Kerem Bürsin, the protagonist of Love is in the air and one of the most fashionable Turkish actors, there is actually no need for him to ask himself, but it was one of his followers on Twitter who decided to ask him the funny question.

"If the Ginny of Aladdin asked you to have 3 wishes, what would these wishes be?" a fan asked him on his Twitter account. Bürsin's answer leaves no doubt that he is a committed, caring, and unselfish person, who does not hesitate to choose wishes for the good of humanity and with the aim of achieving a more advanced and just society and asking absolutely nothing for himself.

It is not the first time that Kerem Bürsin makes it clear that he is a socially committed person and that he does not hesitate to use his fame to launch positive messages that contribute to improving society a little. Last June 28, World LGBT Pride Day, he launched a strong message, but he has also been heard on numerous occasions speaking in favor of feminism and the importance of equality between men and women, as well as making it clear that he is very aware and involved in the care of the environment.

So, yes, it's very easy to make three wishes to the genie of the lamp, but Bürsin does his bit every day to make them come true, with or without magic.

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