Can and Diletta, she celebrates her birthday without a boyfriend: Elodie is present (Video)

Can and Diletta, she celebrates her birthday without a boyfriend: Elodie is present (Video)

It is time for celebrations for the sports anchorwoman Diletta Leotta. In the evening of August 15, the party for the thirtieth birthday of the Gossip star of this summer 2021 took place, at the center of attention for her love story with the Turkish actor Can Yaman. An important date was August 16, since at first there was also talk of a possible marriage for the couple Can-Diletta on this day so important for the conductor. In the end, however, there was only the birthday party and Yaman was not even seen at the party for the thirtieth birthday of Leotta.

Diletta Leotta's birthday without Can Yaman
In detail, Diletta Leotta posted the first stories of preparation for her birthday during the evening of August 15.

On social, the conductor's symbolic face of Dazn showed the details of her dress and hairstyle.

In the stories appeared the host's family members but, from the first moment, there was not even a shadow of her boyfriend Can Yaman, with whom it is rumored that relations are not the best.

For a few weeks, in fact, the couple no longer shows together on the web and on social networks: the two would have put the word "end" to their relationship, which is why they no longer appear together as in the old days.

Party as a 'single' woman for Diletta and Can is in Rome
The fact is that, during the evening, other stories came out, published on social networks by the various guests at Diletta Leotta's party, where once again the Turkish actor, protagonist of several successful soaps aired on Canale 5, did not appear.

Even at the time of the cake cutting, Diletta is alone: at her side there is no boyfriend and this only confirms the fact that between the two there is an air of crisis or even that they would have definitely said goodbye.

Further proof that Can Yaman, in the evening of August 15, was not at the birthday party of the sports presenter, comes from a social report of Deianira Marzano, who revealed that the actor was in Rome, in a club, where he also allowed himself to take some pictures with his beloved fans.

Elodie invited to the birthday of Diletta Leotta
In short, a single birthday for the beautiful Diletta, who, however, could count on the presence of many friends who attended the party organized in Sicily.

Among them was also the singer Elodie, with whom Diletta has established a great friendship after participating in the reality show Celebrity Hunted.

The two, this summer, have also spent a period of vacations together, as witnessed always on social.

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