Can Yaman and Demet Özdemir, D'Anelli's backstory: 'They were supposed to get married, he cheated on her'

Can Yaman and Demet Özdemir, D'Anelli's backstory: 'They were supposed to get married, he cheated on her'

Can Yaman and Demet Özdemir ended up at the center of Gossip for a backstory about them, revealed by Biagio D'Anelli. On the evening of Wednesday, August 4, during an Instagram live broadcast, the former gieffino revealed that the protagonists of DayDreamer-Le ali del sogno would have had a relationship in the past and would have had to get married.

According to D'Anelli, however, the romance between Can and Demet would have been interrupted due to a betrayal by Yaman. In the meantime, the engagement between the Turkish actor and Diletta Leotta seems to be over.

Can Yaman should have married Demet Özdemir: Biagio D'Anelli's backstory

In the Turkish soap DayDreamer-The Wings of Dreaming episodes, the protagonists Can and Sanem had a love story that thrilled the audience. In the past, rumors had circulated about a hypothetical relationship between the Turkish actor and Demet, which was never confirmed by the parties involved.

Biagio D'Anelli, however, spoke about what would have happened some time ago between the two actors. The former gieffino has revealed that he had a video call with a Turkish journalist, who would have declared that Yaman and Özdemir would have been ready to get married, but the marriage would not have been celebrated following a betrayal.

Can Yaman was not going to get married to Demet Özdemir because of a betrayal

After confirming that he had spoken via both Instagram and WhatsApp with the journalist, Biagio continued the story, confiding other statements he had received from the Turkish professional: "It was true that with Demet he was supposed to get married, but it all fell through because he cheated on her, because she caught him in a hotel."

D'Anelli also stated that when he had revealed the indiscretion, he had been slaughtered. In any case, the talent-scout said that the gossip had leaked later because a Demet fan page had posted a video and photos of Can being in a hotel with a girl.

Can Yaman away from Demet Özdemir and Diletta Leotta

If the presumed relationship between Can Yaman and Demet Özdemir is now a thing of the past, the love story between Can and Diletta Leotta is currently taking center stage. In the last days rumors have been circulating about the breakup of the engagement between the protagonist of DayDreamer-Le ali del sogno and the sports presenter of Dazn.

After spending a few days in Turkey and spending the vacations together, Can and his girlfriend have moved away. The couple has never denied or confirmed the rumors about themselves. We just have to wait a little while to find out if the engagement between Yaman and Diletta is really over.

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