Can Yaman and Demet Ozdemir, an upcoming new TV series that would see them starring together

Can Yaman and Demet Ozdemir, an upcoming new TV series that would see them starring together

Can Yaman and Demet Ozdemir made millions of viewers dream with the TV series that saw them as protagonists and conquered Italy and other European countries under the name of Day Dreamer. After an alleged distancing between the two, peace seems to have been reached, because of a new TV series by Gold production that would see them starring together again.

The distancing between Can and Demet
Demet Ozdemir seemed to have distanced herself from her colleague Can Yaman. It was assumed that the exclusion by the actress of Sanem was due to a lack of sharing the path undertaken by Can in Italy with the attached Gossip alongside the sports journalist Diletta Leotta.

Actually, the famous Turkish series actors continue to follow each other on social networks and likely do so also thanks to Gold's announcement.

New TV series by Gold production
Gold production would have announced the arrival of a new TV series starring Can Yaman and Demet Ozdemir, given the success of the last soap that saw them acting together. Success was earned not only in Turkey but also in other European countries, including Italy. The fans of the couple, who hoped for a relationship between the two, in reality, are anxiously waiting for a new love story that will see them protagonists on the screens. For now, however, it is not yet known what kind of project it is. Currently, Can and Demet are busy with other work projects.

Ozdemir, in fact, is recording the Netflix film Tactics of Love, while from October 2021 will begin filming Sandokan, from Lux Vide, which will see Yaman take the place of Kabir Bedi. It is still unclear who the actress who will play Marianne will be.

The story between Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta seems to have come to an end
Since the beginning, the story between the Turkish actor and the Sicilian journalist has seemed to many a sham. A certain fact is that at the moment the two are spending their vacations apart. In fact, Can Yaman after having been in various cities of Puglia and Campania is now in Sardinia, where he is spending the vacations with his friend Roberto Macellari and his Turkish managers.

The gossip expert Alessandro Rosica pointed out that Diletta Leotta would not be with him, but would be currently in Monte Carlo and would be defining the purchase of a villa in Catania. To confirm the indiscretion would also be the cold greeting between Can and Diletta's surgeon brother, who casually met in a club in Sardinia. Is it really over between the two or has it never really begun? At the moment no confirmation or denial from both.

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