Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta, backstory: love story hypothesis built, but they remain silent

Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta, backstory: love story hypothesis built, but they remain silent

Is the love story between Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta already over? This is the question that many fans of the most discussed couple of the moment are asking themselves, as they haven't been seen together for quite a few weeks now. Can and Diletta are carrying on their single lives: she is on vacation with friends and family, he is divided between Sardinia and a tour around Italy. The two are not spending this second part of the summer together, after the trip to Turkey, and the hypothesis that their love was artfully constructed has come out.

There is talk of fake history between Can and Diletta Leotta
In detail, Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta have lost their tracks as a couple, to the many fans who follow them on social networks.

By now, they don't show each other for more than fifteen days and this distance has only fed the suspicions of a final goodbye.

The couple Can-Diletta was also discussed in the afternoon program of Rai 1 conducted by Roberta Capua and Gianluca Semprini.

During the talk show, in fact, the hypothesis that this love story could be created according to the fact that the two during the various moves they made in the months in which they were together, always had at their side the paparazzi ready to immortalize them.

The social silence of Can Yaman and Diletta
In short, the doubts and suspicions about the couple Can-Diletta have not quieted down at all and after they lost track of them out of the blue, they are back to talk about a fake love story.

The two, however, despite these rumors and indiscretions unkind to them, continue to pursue the path of silence.

On social media, in fact, maintain absolute secrecy and do not speak at all of this rumored breakup.

Waiting to find out if, in the course of the next few hours, the two protagonists of the Gossip of the moment will decide to shed light on their relationship and on what would be happening, in these days Can Yaman is back to be active on social networks to announce his new upcoming work projects.

Can Yaman's new TV commitments: he will be more and more the protagonist on Canale 5
The Turkish actor, in fact, has revealed that he will be the male protagonist of a new TV series destined for prime time on Canale 5, in the next TV season.

This is "Viola come il mare", the new fiction that will star Can Yaman alongside Francesca Chillemi, the actress, and former Miss Italia, considered one of the most talented around.

In 2022, shooting will also begin on the remake of Sandokan, the colossal TV series that will star Yaman alongside actor and colleague Luca Argentero.

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