Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta, backstory: 'It's true love, their story can't end like this'

Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta, backstory: 'It's true love, their story can't end like this'

Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta inflame the Gossip of this summer 2021. The latest news reveals that between the two boyfriends who have held the bench with their sentimental affairs, there would be a little 'tide to the point that there is already talk of romance reached the end of the line. The twist came in recent days when there was the birthday party of Diletta and among the guests did not appear the Turkish actor star of DayDreamer and Mr. Wrong. Yet, a source close to the couple, assured them that despite everything, theirs would be true love.

There is talk of breakup for the couple Can-Diletta
In detail, since the first moment in which this couple was talked about, doubts and polemics about Can and Diletta have never been missing.

Many people hypothesized that their love was a love studied at the table to obtain popularity, since they were always accompanied by photographers and paparazzi ready to immortalize them.

Suspicions and accusations that the two people involved have rejected, concentrating on living their love story together and thinking only of the future.

The absence of Can Yaman at Diletta's birthday party
There was even a moment in which there was talk of marriage between Can and Diletta: a version of the facts that was also confirmed by the same sportswoman during the delivery of a tapiro, admitting, however, that it was still too early and that she would have preferred to take things slowly.

In the last period, however, it would seem that the love story between Can Yaman and Diletta has taken a bad turn, completely unexpected. The two have spent the summer vacations away from each other, both with their respective company of friends.

The rumors of a break-up became more and more concrete when Can Yaman did not attend the party for the 30th birthday of the beautiful Diletta, organized in the family villa in Catania.

The backstory on the love story between Can and Diletta Leotta
What is the truth of the facts at this point? Is the love between Can and Diletta definitely wrecked? The latest behind-the-scenes information on the couple comes from the pages of the magazine "Di Più Tv", which has received the testimony of a source close to the couple, who confirmed that their love is true.

"Can and Diletta are really tied and they are serious. Theirs is true love. Although there have been misunderstandings, their story can not end like that," said the source talking about the most talked about couple of the moment.

What will happen at this point and what should fans expect? Possible a post-summer blowback? We will find out over the next few weeks.

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