Can Yaman and Luca Argentero, report: 'In Puglia they ignored each other'

Can Yaman and Luca Argentero, report: 'In Puglia they ignored each other'

What are the relationships between Can Yaman and Luca Argentero? According to a report, there is a certain distance between the two actors. It seems, in fact, that during a vacation in Puglia, the two colleagues - engaged on the set of the remake of Sandokan - ignored each other for the whole time.

This indiscretion would have fed the rumors that already spoke of a certain tension between the two on the set.

The rumors about Yaman and Argentero

Yaman and Argentero are busy on the set of Sandokan: the Turkish actor plays the main character, while the former Big Brother contestant plays the role of Yanez, Sandokan's right-hand man.

The two actors would have enjoyed a few days of relaxation in Puglia in the past few days.

A report divulged by Novella 2000 reports that Argentero and Yaman would have crossed paths in Gallipoli and that the frost would have fallen between them. Their behavior, in fact, would have been cold and detached. Some witnesses who would have seen them wrote: "In Puglia, they have completely ignored each other".

The hypothesis about the relationship between the two actors

This latest rumor about Can Yaman and Luca Argentero only fuels the rumors about an alleged rivalry during the filming of Sandokan. Both may have had disagreements while filming episodes of the television series.

The suspicion is that there could be some contrasts between the Turkish actor and the Italian one.

To increase the suppositions on an alleged tension between Yaman and Argentero there would also be the series's uncertain future. At first, Sandokan was supposed to be aired on Rai or Mediaset. Today, however, there is talk of Netflix or Amazon Prime.

As for the alleged disagreements between Can Yaman and Luca Argentero, a conditional is a must. So far, these are only rumors and reports, while neither actor has intervened to confirm or deny the gossip.

Yaman is reportedly single again

From the sentimental point of view, Can Yaman's life does not seem to be getting better.

After the trip to Turkey with Diletta Leotta, the frost would have fallen between the two boyfriends. The Sicilian conductor has been spotted first in Sardinia with her friends, then in the French Riviera.

For his part, Yaman has also been seen on vacation in Puglia without his partner. Moreover, Leotta would have stopped wearing the engagement ring and would have bought a house in Catania - her hometown - to live there alone. Also in this case, the two celebrities have not released any official statement so far.

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