Can Yaman, a fan asks him where is Diletta and he doesn't react well: 'She bothered him'

Can Yaman, a fan asks him where is Diletta and he doesn't react well: 'She bothered him'

Can Yaman continues to be the most followed character of the moment. Accomplice also to his rumored love story with Diletta Leotta, which seems to have reached the end of the line, the Turkish actor is not able to stay calm on vacation. In these days he is in Sardinia, where he granted a lot of photos to the many fans who have caught him on the beach. Apparently, however, Can has also had to deal with a fan who has bothered him asking him insistently where is Diletta Leotta and why they were not together on vacation.

Turkish actor Can Yaman was harassed by a fan asking for Diletta Leotta
In detail, in the past few hours a video circulated on social networks in which it is seen that Can Yaman reacts badly to the visit of a fan who approaches the actor, on the seashore, with a cell phone.

At first, there were rumors related to the fact that the Turkish actor had reacted badly towards this supporter because he did not want to take a souvenir photo, but apparently, this would not be the reality of the facts.

To shed some light on that video where we see the Turkish actor not liking the presence of that fan, was the Gossip expert Deianira Marzano, who reported on social media the report of the person who made that video.

The backstage on Can Yaman
And so, it was revealed that in reality the fan had not approached Can Yaman to take a simple photo in the company of the actor, but to ask about his relationship with Diletta Leotta.

"With us he is very willing to take pictures. The lady was bothering him and following him from the beginning of the beach, asking him where Diletta was and why she was not with him", this person made known in the report sent to Deianira with which he defended the position of the Turkish actor.

Apparently, therefore, Can Yaman has reacted badly to the presence of that fan on the beach, just because she kept asking him information about the sports presenter, after the news of the last weeks that speak of crisis and definitive breakup.

'It was not rude', writes a fan on Can Yaman
"It was not rude, in fact far too polite," continued still the girl who had the opportunity to witness the scene.

Meanwhile, the relationship between Can and Diletta continues to be shrouded in mystery. The two, weeks after the news of crisis, continue to maintain silence about what is happening.

As soon as possible they will clarify with the many fans who follow and support them on social networks, where they have shared many photos of their love? We will find out in the coming weeks.

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