Can Yaman in 2019: 'My ideal woman? I'd like to re-experience the love story of DayDreamer'

Can Yaman in 2019: 'My ideal woman? I'd like to re-experience the love story of DayDreamer'

Can Yaman is increasingly at the center of Gossip, not only for the highly successful TV Series that see him interpret, but also for his private life. To a Spanish magazine in 2019, he declared that he also wanted to relive in reality the love story of DayDreamer, TV series that gave him success internationally thanks to the special chemistry on the set with his colleague Demet Ozdemir.

The 2019 interview for the Spanish magazine and the reference to Demet Ozdemir
In 2019, the Turkish actor was well known in Spain, more than in Italy. In fact, the series that in Italy took the name DayDreamer, was broadcast in our country in 2020, while in Spain it had already been broadcast previously.

The Spanish magazine Hola chose to interview him, starting by asking him what his ideal partner would be. Can Yaman's answer to this "difficult question" as follows: "I don't know how to answer. I would like to live in reality a story similar to that of DayDreamer".

Can Yaman had as his partner on the set of the famous Turkish TV series Demet Ozdemir, with whom there was an obvious chemistry, so much so that all viewers fell in love with the couple and speculated that the transport shown on the scenes was real. In fact, it is said that the two had really had a relationship and even talked about marriage. The story would have ended, according to rumors, due to Can's overly flirtatious character: according to rumors, there would have been an alleged betrayal that would not have gone down to the interpreter of Sanem.

Despite the end of the alleged relationship, Demet would seem to still occupy Can's heart, at least at the date of the interview.

The current love stories of Can and Demet
If the fans of the series, still hope for a rapprochement between the two protagonists of DayDreamer, in reality the two would not seem to have any relationship at the moment.

In fact Demet Ozdemir is engaged with a Turkish singer, while Can would have recently ended the controversial relationship with the Italian sports journalist Leotta. No confirmation or denial has arrived about this last issue neither from the actor nor from Diletta. In these days Can Yaman is in Serbia with his friend Roberto Macellari.

There is no lack of rumors about new alleged relationships of Can after the story with Diletta Leotta, none of them, however, seems to be true.

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