Can Yaman, the meeting with the ex-shipwreck Tittocchia, she said: 'Beauty can be seen, he is kind'.

Can Yaman, the meeting with the ex-shipwreck Tittocchia, she said: 'Beauty can be seen, he is kind'.

Can Yaman continues to be the man of desire for millions of Italian fans. In these weeks, the Turkish actor is doing a lot of talking about the alleged end of his relationship with the presenter Diletta Leotta. It would seem that the frost has fallen between the two after a period in which everything seemed to proceed in the best way. In the meantime, in these last hours, even a former Isola dei Famosi 2021's survivor has been talking about Can, who had the chance to meet live the Turkish actor, the protagonist of DayDreamer, and Mr. Wrong, and took a picture together.

The meeting between Can Yaman and the ex shipwrecker of the Island

In detail, Emanuela Tittocchia, the protagonist of the last edition of the Isola dei famosi conducted by Ilary Blasi with the participation of Massimiliano Rosolino, has revealed on her Instagram profile to have had the opportunity to meet live Can Yaman.

The Turkish actor, hailed by the Italian public, showed himself available and very polite towards the former shipwreck, enough to even take a picture together.

"Beauty can be seen," wrote Tittocchia in the caption of the photo she chose to post on social.

'He is kind and polite', writes Tittocchia about Can Yaman

"He has a degree in law and speaks five languages, he is kind and polite," continued the former star of the Island of the Famous, who could not help but compliment Can Yaman for his education and his availability.

The reaction of the many Emanuela Tittocchia's fans was immediate, many of them literally went crazy after seeing the picture that portrayed the ex-shipwrecked girl next to Can Yaman.

Meanwhile, the Turkish actor continues to be at the center of the dynamics of Gossip of this summer 2021. At first, it seemed that his relationship with Diletta Leotta was going on in the best way, to the point that there was also talk of a possible marriage for the famous couple.

There is talk of a breakup between Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta

Yet, during the last weeks, it would seem that there has been a substantial change of gear. Can and Diletta, in fact, no longer appear together, happy and in love as they were a short time ago.

The two have spent the vacations separately and now on social networks are no longer seen together.

According to gossip expert Alessandro Rosica, there would be no doubt that the love story between Can Yaman and Diletta would have reached the end of the road.

Rosica claims that the two of them had a fight after which they decided to take two different paths and in this way to say goodbye.

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