Can Yaman returns to Sardinia and takes selfies with fans in Costa Smeralda: Diletta is not there

Can Yaman returns to Sardinia and takes selfies with fans in Costa Smeralda: Diletta is not there

Can Yaman is at the center of Gossip since the beginning of 2021, since he started a relationship with Diletta Leotta. In recent weeks, the couple of the moment seems to have moved away from each other, to the point that for some time now, they do not show themselves together anymore and it has been hypothesized a breakup between them. On Friday, August 20, Deianira Marzano published on her social profile a picture of the protagonist of DayDreamer - Le ali del sogno at the airport, while taking a selfie with a fan. In the evening, Gabriele Capri of Uomini e Donne's trono overtook a shot in the company of Can in Poltu Quatu.

Can Yaman flies to Sardinia and takes selfies with fans
Can Yaman is spending his vacations in Italy, where he has been living since the beginning of 2021. After a few weekends with his girlfriend Diletta Leotta in Como and on the Amalfi Coast and a few days in Turkey with his family, the Turkish actor spent a few days in Puglia, Campania and Sardinia. In the last days, Can had returned to Rome, where he currently lives, but in the evening of Friday, August 20, Deianira Marzano shared with her followers a shot of Yaman at the airport, embraced by a fan, writing: ''Can at the airport, who knows where he's headed''.

After a few hours, the mystery about the Turkish actor's trip has been revealed, in fact, the future Sandokan has returned to Sardinia and has been spotted in Costa Smeralda.

Can Yaman returns to Costa Smeralda and takes selfies with fans in Poltu Quatu
Can Yaman took a flight to Sardinia and headed to Poltu Quatu, where he was photographed by fans.

Gabriele Capri, of the trono over of Uomini e Donne, has included among his Instagram stories a snap in the company of the protagonist of DayDreamer - The Wings of Dream, writing the following caption: ''How many wanted to be in my place?!''. Through social media, moreover, has not leaked yet any information about Diletta Leotta who, at the moment, could therefore have remained in Sicily, where, a few days ago, she celebrated her birthday without Can Yaman.

Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta still far apart
After Alessandro Rosica was the first to announce the breakup of Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta's engagement, the couple of the moment did not show up together anymore. The people involved have never denied or confirmed the rumors about them. The only thing that is certain, at the moment, is that for a few weeks the Turkish actor and the sports presenter of Dazn have been spending their summer vacations in different destinations. Therefore, we just have to wait for more information, to find out if Diletta Leotta will reach Can Yaman in Sardinia or will go to some other holiday resort.

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