Can Yaman rude to a lady? Denial arrives: 'She was following him for Diletta'

Can Yaman rude to a lady? Denial arrives: 'She was following him for Diletta'

Can Yaman has always been very willing to take pictures with his fans, even on vacation. The influencer Deianira Marzano published a video sent to her in which, on the contrary, the Turkish actor would have appeared rude to a fan. A girl present on the spot would have denied this attitude, explaining the dynamics of the incident and reiterating Yaman's willingness to take pictures with his fans.

The video of the alleged rudeness
In the video published by Deianira, you can see Can Yaman walking on a beach in the company of his friend Roberto Macellari.

All of a sudden, the Turkish actor is approached by a girl that he rejects several times with a hand gesture. The video was posted by the influencer with the caption: " While one side talks about an available Can, the other side asserts that he is often not".

The denial and Diletta's involvement
A few hours later, Deianira published another report that would deny the alleged rudeness of Can Yaman. In fact, the daughter of the woman who shot the video wrote to the influencer that Can would have been very willing to take pictures with them. Regarding the woman filmed in the video, she added: 'The lady was bothering him and following him from the beginning of the beach, asking him where is Diletta and why she was not with him'.

According to her, the actor would not have been rude or discourteous, indeed far too polite. Therefore, Can's unfriendly attitude seems to have a justification. On the other hand, the attitude of the actor, always kind with the fans and maybe detached only in the period in which he was dating Leotta, appeared strange.

The end of the story with Diletta Leotta and the news about her job
The love story between Diletta Leotta and Yaman would seem to have come to a definite end. The sports journalist celebrated her thirtieth birthday without the presence of the actor, while he spent the vacations with his friend Roberto Macellari, far from her.

For some, the story would never really started.

From the work point of view, Can will be busy from September next to Francesca Chillemi in "Viola come il mare" and from 2022 with Luca Argentero in the remake of Sandokan, in which we will see him replace Kabir Bedi.

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