Can Yaman spotted with a brunette woman: with Diletta it could be really over

Can Yaman spotted with a brunette woman: with Diletta it could be really over

Has the relationship between Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta really come to an end? Neither of them has said a word about it, but the fact is that the latest clues concerning the couple (or ex-couple) seem to have taken a different direction from the one leading to the happy ending. After the romantic vacation in Turkey, which took place between romantic dinners, cuddles, and family presentations, all documented on social media, the roads of the two have split. The journalist face of Dazn and the Turkish actor have continued their vacation separately and that could be nothing, but then came the birthday of Diletta to which Can did not take part.

And now Yaman has been spotted with a mysterious brown-haired woman. The love story that made the world of Gossip talk for months could be over.

The actor could have already forgotten Leotta
Alessandro Rosica has been announcing it for a long time: the relationship between Can and Diletta, according to the journalist who has always believed little in the sincerity of their mutual feelings, has been over for some time, but the two protagonists would be waiting for the right moment to communicate it. If these were only rumors until today, the latest appearances of Yaman and Leotta, who have not spent time together for many days, seem to become more and more certain. The choice to spend separate vacations after the trip to Turkey could be considered plausible, but the fans of the couple did not understand the reason for the sensational absence of the actor at the thirtieth birthday of the one who up to that point was considered his girlfriend.

Many VIPs came to Catania, where the journalist celebrated her birthday with a party organized for her by her brother, but not even the shadow of Yaman. Obviously the fact that he had decided not to take part in the event could not go unnoticed as well as Can's suspicious closeness to a mysterious brunette woman whose identity is currently unknown.

Who is this woman that Can is dating?
Deianira Marzano has said something more about the woman, who has affirmed through social media that Can is dating a girl who deals with aesthetics at high levels.

Deianira added, perhaps to tone it down a bit, that the woman in question could simply be a friend but at the moment so little is known about her that it is only a hypothesis.

While he prepares to face a new set that will see him acting alongside Francesca Chillemi in the production "Viola come il mare", Yaman will find himself once again contending with gossip regarding his private life.

Who knows if in light of the news reports about them, Can and Diletta will decide to take the floor to clarify the situation once and for all.

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