Can Yaman, Tolga Güleç's most likely attack : 'Make a contribution to this world'

Can Yaman, Tolga Güleç's most likely attack : 'Make a contribution to this world'

Can Yaman ended up at the center of Gossip because of a post published on Twitter by Tolga Güleç. On Sunday, August 1, in fact, the 39-year-old actor attacked on Twitter a famous person who, instead of worrying about the fires in Turkey and the dramatic situation that is occurring in recent days, would spend his time on social networks to share photographs of his muscles. Tolga did not specify the name of the person to whom the jibe was addressed but, on the net, it was speculated that it was a direct attack against Can Yaman.

Tolga Güleç throws a dig that could be aimed at Can Yaman
There have been many fires in Turkey over the past few days and several actors took to social media to express solidarity on what was happening and ask for help. Even Demet Özdemir published a post on her Instagram profile, in which she made aware of the 112 fires that affected her country. Can Yaman, on the other hand, has not yet posted anything about it at the moment. Actor Tolga Güleç, due to the absence of solidarity messages towards his country on the DayDreamer protagonist's social profile, may have thrown a dig at him.

Tolga Güleç's tweet might be aimed at Can Yaman
Tolga Güleç shared a message on his Twitter account, talking about a famous person, who would have an important influence on social media, who would not comment on what is happening in Turkey. Tolga wrote a post and, translating the message stated that there would be a fellow countryman who would continue to show his naked photos, to show off his muscles and would not use social to talk about the fires that have hit his nation.

In addition, Güleç also stated, ''Make a contribution to this world!''

On social media, it is thought that Tolga Güleç has launched a dig at Can Yaman
Tolga Güleç's tweet has gone around the web and, among the various hypotheses circulating, it seems to refer to Can Yaman. The 39-year-old actor, in fact, went on to say that he did not want to reveal the name of the fellow countryman, but indicated that the person in question would have millions of people following him on social media and would not intend to say the identity of the person, so as not to be attacked by his fans.

A Turkish celebrity social account, too, speculated that Tolga Güleç's words are aimed precisely at Can Yaman. All that remains is to wait for a while, to see if, after the claims of his colleague, Can will publish a post to express his solidarity with Turkey, as his colleague Demet Özdemir also did.

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