Comments Off on Demet Özdemir's absence at her sister's wedding: Where are you?

Comments Off on Demet Özdemir's absence at her sister's wedding: Where are you?

Derya, Demet Özdemir's older sister, got married and did so with a notable absence that has not gone unnoticed in the networks. The actress, who has always boasted of the close relationship she has with her siblings, has not accompanied her sister on one of the happiest days of her life.

The rumors surfaced shortly after the wedding when the bride herself shared some pictures of the wedding on social media and none of them showed the star of 'Erkenci Kus' and 'My Home, My Destiny'. Her brother Volkan, her nephew, her mother.... On August 9, the day the wedding took place, everyone was with Derya but no trace of the actress. "Where are you?" some fans wondered via Twitter. 

And is that the absence of the actress has been very surprising for the followers because of the close relationship she maintains with her brothers, as she has demonstrated more than once in her social networks. "I miss you guys so much," the actress wrote next to an image of the three of them during confinement last year. They remain, to this day, her great references and a fundamental piece of her life. So why wasn't Demet at her sister's wedding? For the moment, the actress has kept silent about it while she has continued to share her happiness with her boyfriend, whom she accompanied to a concert the other day, as she posted on her social networks.

Derya's declaration of love to her husband
However, the absence of her sister did not tarnish the happiness of Derya, who has dedicated to her husband a romantic declaration of love through the networks. "It was the best day of my life. You have always made me smile.  Let's always be together. Being happy is a choice and if you choose it will be yours. How lucky I am to have met you I love you so much". 

In addition, the actress's sister, who wore two spectacular dresses (one for the wedding and one for the after party), wanted to thank the designers for their work. "I thank you Zeynep. You understood my dream wedding dress in one sentence," she has written in her networks.

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