Demet Özdemir responds to rumors regarding the breakup with Oğuzhan Koç: So, we don't know?

Demet Özdemir responds to rumors regarding the breakup with Oğuzhan Koç: So, we don't know?

Since they made their romance public earlier this year, Demet Özdemir and Oğuzhan Koç have become one of the most followed couples in Turkey. The paparazzi chase them wherever they go in search of the best photo and they make the covers of magazines. However, in recent days, some rumors have emerged that point to a possible breakup of the couple.

The news did not take long to go viral and reach the ears of the actress herself, who used her social networks to settle the issue quickly. With a great sense of humor and using irony, the star of 'My Home, My Destiny' and 'Erkenci Kus' has settled the rumors. "So, we don't know," she wrote.  

The actress responded a few weeks ago to the wedding rumors.

Just a few months after the beginning of their romance, rumors were flying and the Turkish media pointed out that the couple could take the final step in their relationship soon. The attitude of the actress at that time was very different from the one maintained with the rumors of the breakup. If on this occasion the actress has been categorical and has strongly denied the rumors, a few weeks ago she played the game of misleading about a possible wedding with the well-known musician and gave evasive answers to journalists. "Everything has to do with fortune. It's better to ask Oğuzhan, but we are in a good moment," said the actress, who tried to avoid all questions on the subject. "I don't know if there is time for such questions, but now is not the time to ask. Let's enjoy the summer," she commented to the press. 

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