Demet Özdemir, Rosica's doubts about Can Yaman's colleague: 'Is she hiding something?

Demet Özdemir, Rosica's doubts about Can Yaman's colleague: 'Is she hiding something?

Can Yaman and Demet Özdemir are the protagonists of DayDreamer and, thanks to their love story on the small screen, they made fans of the soap opera dream. On Thursday, August 26, Alessandro Rosica included a counter among his Instagram stories, informing fans that he would be talking about Demet Özdemir on September 2. In particular, the Gossip expert wondered whether Can's colleague is hiding any secrets. At the moment it is not clear what news Alexander will reveal and whether it concerns the professional or private life of the Turkish actress.

Is Demet Özdemir different than she seems? Rosica talks about Can Yaman's colleague
Demet Özdemir is a reserved actress who is also much loved in Italy. Over time, the protagonist of DayDreamer - The Wings of Dream has always been appreciated for her simplicity, keeping her professional life separate from her private one. Rosica, who in the last period has dedicated himself to the sentimental affairs of Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta, published a post and a story on his Instagram profile, talking about Demet. In particular, the gossip expert announced that he has a scoop on the interpreter of Sanem, wondering if Özdemir is different from what it seems. Rosica, in fact, announced that he has information about the Turkish actress, which he will reveal in a few days.

Demet Özdemir might be hiding something: Rosica has information about Can Yaman's colleague
Rosica warned his followers that he is ready to talk about Demet Özdemir. The gossip expert, in fact, put a counter in his Instagram stories, announcing that on the evening of Thursday, September 2, at 9 pm, he will talk about the Turkish actress.

Specifically, Alexander wrote the following caption to accompany the video of Can Yaman's colleague: ''Is Demet really as we see her? Is she hiding something? In addition to the social story, Rosica also published a post on his profile, reminding fans of the date he announced a spoiler preview of Can Yaman's colleague.

Rosica has a spoiler on Demet Özdemir, but it's said to have something to do with Can YamanRosica also added a bit more about the information he has about Demet Özdemir, reveling, ''Now I can't pretend anything anymore.'' In addition, Alexander hinted to his followers that he has definite news about the DayDreamer protagonist, stating, ''Have I ever let you down?". It is not clear, at the moment, if the scoop that the gossip expert will reveal will concern Demet's professional life or her private life. We just have to wait for the evening of Thursday, September 2, to find out more about Can Yaman's colleague.

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