Diletta Leotta forgets Can Yaman: return to the 'old love' with Serie A matches

Diletta Leotta forgets Can Yaman: return to the 'old love' with Serie A matches

Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta are more and more distant from each other. It is now clear that the two are no longer together, due to the fact that for about a month they are no longer seen in the same places, as was the case until last July. A crisis was also ascertained by the absence of the Turkish actor at the birthday party of the sportswoman, which has done nothing but confirms the fact that between the two has created a real rift. In the meantime, however, Diletta is ready to leave the past behind and has returned to her " old great love": soccer.

The breakup between Diletta and Can Yaman: confirmed by social networks
The rumors of a breakup between Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta have been implicitly confirmed by the presenter who, a few days ago, chose to publish on social networks the pictures of her birthday party.

From the photos published on the net, it is evident the absence of Can Yaman: the Turkish actor did not take part in the party that the presenter has organized in Sicily, in the family villa of his parents.

A "heavy" absence and the news of the breakup between the two lovers has immediately spread around the web and social networks, ending up on the front page of Turkish Gossip sites. Despite everything, however, both Can and Diletta have chosen not to respond to these rumors about them.

The silence of Can and Diletta
Both have chosen to turn the page and move on, leaving this love story behind, without giving further explanation to the many fans who follow them (altogether there are more than 16 million on Instagram).

And so, Diletta Leotta this weekend returned again to her " big love": the work that makes her happy and that this year sees her further protagonist.

On the afternoon of August 21, in fact, the presenter is back to report on the 2021/2022 Serie A soccer championship as a leading correspondent of the streaming platform Dazn, which from this year holds the exclusive rights to broadcast the matches.

The return of Diletta Leotta to her " old love
Diletta Leotta, therefore, has already been renamed as the new "lady of soccer", beloved by her many fans who, after seeing her on television, back from the long summer break, could not help but emphasize her skill and her being more and more at ease on the soccer fields.

And so, with the beginning of Serie A and the official return to work, Diletta Leotta forgets Can Yaman who, in the meantime, is enjoying the continuation of his summer in Sardinia.

In these days, the Turkish star was caught by a group of fans in Costa Smeralda, where he granted photos and videos to the various admirers who follow him on television and on social networks.

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