Fabio Volo 'transforms' himself into Can Yaman: the shot gathers approval even from the VIPs

Fabio Volo 'transforms' himself into Can Yaman: the shot gathers approval even from the VIPs

Can Yaman continues to be the center of media attention. It's obvious that everyone would like him in Italian fiction, in shows like Ballando con le Stelle, but there are people who would like to be like him, to have his looks, his charm, his fascination. This time to target him, in a joking sense, is the writer Fabio Volo. The latter has had a lot of fun playing on social media with the image of the King of Turkish soaps. In fact, on the official Instagram profile of the actor from Brescia you can see a shot really nice and funny but at the same time alienating with a caption addressed to the envious: 'Get a life, frustrated'.

This shot has collected thousands of likes and comments, especially those of VIPs, such as Laura Pausini, Stefano Accorsi, Luca Capuano, Filippo Nigro, Francesca Barra, and Elisa D'Ospina.

Fabio Volo in Can Yaman version: the shot makes the rounds of the web

Without a shadow of a doubt, Can Yaman is the most contested character on TV, advertising and fashion, and Fabio Volo has started playing around with one of the hottest shots of the King of Turkish soaps. Going into great detail, the master of irony and creativity took on the appearance of the protagonist of DayDreamer - Le ali del sogno. What makes the shot in question amusing but rather provocative is the message addressed to those who often use programs such as Photoshop: 'Envious tongues will say it's Photoshop - wrote the Italian showman - Get a life, get whipped!'

The reaction of followers and VIPs

And so the famous radio host Fabio Volo chose a photo that immortalizes Can Yaman lying on a deckchair wearing only a white boxer and superimposed his face on the face of the King Midas of Mediaset ratings.

The photoshopped shot has collected, in a few seconds, many hearts and comments. Many VIPs such as Laura Pausini, Luca Capuano, Elisa D'Ospina, Francesca Barra, Filippo Nigro have commented with smiley faces laughing out loud. Stefano Accorsi, on the other hand, commented with a somewhat colorful language: 'Tell him, va**abo*a!'.

There are also those who cried plagiarism. In fact, some followers have speculated that the writer Volo had taken over the body that was used by Walter nude, others, however, believed that he had exploited the features of Russell Crowe. And, instead, that gymnastic body belongs to the protagonist of Bitter Sweet, DayDreamer, and Mr. Wrong.

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